Hello I’m Ben and welcome to my website. I write a lot, enjoy learning about people, cultures and places and do tons of research+analysis on topics that spark my interest. To that end I created 6 blogs that cover these topics: Architecture, Martial Arts, Food, Music, History & Travel and a business intelligence platform named Hickam’s Dictum. I also enjoy math and statistics, and in 2016 I created a performance scoring system that I named the GOAT Index to score and rank NBA players based on regular season and playoff metrics. I do my best to update the scores after every NBA season, and I also try to improve on the formulas themselves whenever I can. I enjoy designing products, and a few years ago I created a phone case line for iPhone’s and Samsung called Gorgeous Phone cases. In 2016 I also wrote and published a pretty cool novel titled Eteka: Rise of the Imamba, an action packed  historical thriller that takes place across two timelines – the Cold War and the 1990s and is based on the interconnected stories between a prostitute and an African mercenary group. The book takes place across 14 locations around the world and is filled with tons of cultural and historical references, so get your copy on Amazon and leave me a review! I had a tremendous growth experience not just writing the book, but also assembling and directing an awesome team of editors, layout designers and illustrators that helped me transform this project into a product. Professionally, I have been an analyst and strategist for over a decade, and am blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to create out-of-the-box analytics solutions and helped drive marketing and digital strategy for a rich blend of Fortune 500 companies around the world. When I am not working I am a family man. I love video games, enjoy technology, enjoy well written television series and animated movies, and hopefully in the near future will be able to write and direct my own show for a network and work on a game IP with a cool studio. On a fun note, I would like to be cast as the main villain in a James Bond movie before I leave this world (smile). Thanks for stopping by. Please follow either my Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up with me. I hope you enjoy all my creations, musings and research, and I wish you the best.                                                                                                               -Ben