GOAT Basketball Index: Mid 1970s – Early 2000s

September 6, 2017 BenHinson
GOAT Basketball Index (mid 1970s - early 2000s)
GOAT Basketball Index (mid 1970s – early 2000s)

The GOAT (GT) Basketball Index by Ben Hinson, the most efficient holistic performance scoring system for basketball. The GT Index is superior to PER ratings (which place more weight on offense) and the Performance Index Rating (PIR), which does not account for pacing. The GT Index not only addresses these shortcomings, but also incorporates usage rates with coach playbooks and often overlooked negative metrics like fouls. This particular analysis uses the GT Index to show how various NBA superstars from different eras (mid 1970s — early 2000s) match up against each other. It pits LeBron vs Dr. J, Kobe vs Jordan, Magic vs Kidd, Stockton vs Nash, and many more combinations! Detailed analysis and rankings by position also included. Featured in Forbes and SB Nation.