Discussion questions for Eteka: Rise of the Imamba

  1. (Discussion) Who was your favorite character, and why?
  2. (Riddle) What real life character from history does Judas bring to mind? Clue: use the footnotes/endnotes!
  3. (Discussion) In your mind, what ideology/concept does Supreme represent?
  4. (Discussion) In your mind, what ideology/concept does Omega represent?
  5. (Discussion) In your mind, what ideology/concept does Oluko represent?
  6. (Discussion) What do you think was the significance/symbolism between Oladele and Richard Wright’s chance meeting in Bandung, Indonesia?
  7. (Discussion) Discuss Yisa’s internal battle. What was his dilemma?
  8. (Discussion) The Cold War was a unique period in history. Discuss your knowledge of proxy wars fought in the Americas, Asia and on the African continent.
  9. (Discussion) In retrospect, do you think the Bandung Conference of 1955 was a success? Why or why not?
  10. (Riddle) How many times does Anansi reveal himself in the story? Clue: The best secret is hidden at the bottom of the mountain.
  11. (Discussion) What was Amina’s dilemma? What are your thoughts on her character and choices?
  12. (Discussion) Mob lynchings (mob justice) are a problem in many countries around the world, and once upon a time were even condoned in the United States’ dark and racist past. Discuss the Mob Action chapter in the book and Isatou’s choices. Discuss the economic and cultural correlations with this practice in affected countries/regions around the world.
  13. (Discussion) In the Peer Pressure chapter, do you think Yisa shot the peasant?
  14. (Discussion) What was Oladele’s temptation? What were your thoughts on his character?
  15. (Riddle) How many times does the White Witch reveal herself in the story?
  16. (Discussion) In the Good Company chapter, refer to the debate between Oluko and the students. Which position (if any) do you agree/disagree with?
  17. (Riddle) How many times does Anansi refer to Isatou? Clue: Smoking cannabis with strangers may help clear your mind.
  18. (Discussion) In Tanzania, atrocities are being committed against albinos till this day (read this article for context). Which chapter in the book highlights this issue? What are your thoughts on this subject?
  19. (Discussion) What are your thoughts on the relationship between Yisa and Oga?
  20. (Discussion) What are your thoughts on the relationship between Oga and Eteka?
  21. (Discussion) If you were in Eteka’s shoes, would you have believed Oluko? Why or why not?
  22. (Discussion) What do you think is next for Eteka?

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