Hey there! I’m Ben, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my world. I’m a writer and avid learner with a passion for exploring diverse cultures, places, and intriguing topics. My journey led me to create six blogs covering Architecture, Martial Arts, Food, Music, History & Travel, and a business intelligence and leadership blog called Hickam’s Dictum.

In the realm of sports, I’m the mind behind the GOAT Index, a performance scoring system I crafted in 2016 to evaluate and rank NBA players based on both regular season and playoff metrics. I’m committed to updating scores every NBA season and continuously refining the formulas.

I also dabble in product design; a few years ago, I launched Gorgeous Phone Cases, a line for iPhone’s and Samsung. Creating and promoting these cases through conceptualizing and shooting video promos was an absolute blast.

In the literary world, I penned the thrilling novel, “Eteka: Rise of the Imamba,” an action-packed historical tale spanning the Cold War and the 1990s. It’s a global adventure filled with cultural and historical references – grab your copy on Amazon or Goodreads and share your thoughts with me!

Beyond my creative pursuits, I’ve been a strategist and analyst for nearly two decades, contributing to the success of global brands across diverse industries. Family comes first when I’m not working, and I find joy in video games, technology, and well-crafted television series and animated movies.

I’m also into poetry and prose, and I share some of my creations on my TikTok poetry page – follow along if you’re a poetry lover! Looking ahead, my dreams include writing and directing my own show and collaborating on a game IP with a cool studio. Oh, and I secretly aspire to be cast as the main villain in a James Bond movie – a smile for that one!

Thanks for stopping by. Connect with me on Facebook to stay updated on my projects. I hope you enjoy diving into my creations, musings, and research. Wishing you all the best!